Continuus Properzi
Aluminum CCR Lines
In the 70's many successful achievements resulted in improved quality of EC grade rod. The development of high purity aluminum rod and aluminum alloys for conductors took place in the 80's and the development of aluminum alloys for mechanical use continues in the 90's.

• Properzi CCR line sizes range from 1 ton per hour of 9.5 mm rod from a bar cross- sectional area of 1000 sq mm up to 15.0 tons per hour from a bar cross-sectional area of 5,500 sq. mm.

These different production rates have been established for meeting the present market demand for low volume, labor intensive CCR lines as well as for state-of-the-art high volume, fully automated lines controlled by PLC and MMI.

These sophisticated CCR lines have the ability to adjust production parameters as per specific recipes for each grade of pure aluminum and aluminum alloys to be produced.

All key components are connected to a data highway to allow meaningful data acquisition and report generation. The data acquisition can be tied to customer's database system over an existing or new network topology of customer's choice.
At present, more than 85% of the aluminum wire rod in the world is produced on Properzi CCR equipment. Rod quality exceeds ASTM, DIN, BS, JS and other internationally accepted quality standards.