Continuus Properzi
Wire Machinery Division WMD
These brand names have been known worldwide for many years as the best in advanced technology & machinery.

Now as part of the world reknowed Continuus-Properzi company, they cover a nearly complete range of high technology equipment for the wire and cable industry.

RTM Division

Engineering, Technology and Machinery for Steel Wire Ropes, LRPC Wire, LRPC Strand and Wire Treatment Lines.

OTT Division

Wire Dry Drawing Machines, with Horizontal & Vertical Axis Capstans. Wire Rod Payoffs, Spoolers, Coilers, Dead Blocks for various Diameter Steel Wires.
RTM Division
This division originates from the engineering and machine building department of several wire, strand and wire rope manufacturing plants.
Therefore the division enjoys the competitive advantages of being part of an important and specialized industrial group in terms of return of manufacturing experience, involvement in new technology development and information on new market trends.
Furthermore, the division is also in a position to offer personnel training and production advice to our clients as well as utilizing the plants and production experience of the Continuus-Properzi Company.

The Engineering and Services Group is in a position to supply turn-key plants for:
Ferrous (OTT and RTM)

• Low and high carbon wire
• Hi bond wire
• LRPC Wire
• LRPC Strand
• Wire for Steel Cord
• Bead Wire
• Staple wire
• Welding wire
• Spring wire
• Stainless steel wire
• AS Wire (Alumoclad)
• Steel wire rope, bright and galvanized

Among The Wide Range of Machines
• Continuous Pre-stressed Concrete Wire and Strand Lines
• Skip Stranders
• Tubular Stranders

OTT Division
Founded more than several decades, OTT manufactures a wide range of machinery for the wire, tube and bar industry which are exported to countries around the world.
Today, our OTT Division is in a position to supply everything from individual machines to complete turnkey plants, including know-how and training.

Our world famous large drawing machines for prestressed concrete wire and strand now includes a complete range of dry drawing machines emphasizing great wire cooling efficiency, high reliability, limited and easy maintenance.

The OTT production range includes all the related auxiliary equipment such as:

Sophisticated pay-off to reach high drawing speeds
Mechanical descalers suitable for high carbon steel
Horizontal or vertical stationary coilers
A complete range of single or double spoolers for up to 8-ton spools.

In addition, our OTT Division offers the following machinery:
MEGA LOGOS Dry Drawing Machines with Horizontal Capstans.
Automatic Twin Reel Coilers for Aluminum or Copper Continuous Casting and Rod Rolling Lines.
Logos 2.0 Evolution Dry Drawing Machines with Vertical Capstans.
AS Wire Dry Drawing Machine.