Bangkok Steel Wire Co. Ltd. is located in Samutprakam, only 25 Km south from Bangkok. The company is specializes in the production of PC Wire, PC Strand, cold and hard drawn wire.
Continuus-Properzi has signed a contract with them for a Vertical Axis Wire Drawing line, model Logos 2.0 Evolution for the production of High Carbon Steel Wire Rod.

The Logos 2.0 Evolution is the evolution of drawing machine, is capable of the highest production performance available on the market with drawing speed of 16 m/s on a 3.0 mm wire diameter.
It has been engineered to maximize overall efficiency and safety while minimizing maintenance cost.
The specific features of a vertical axis Logos 2.0 Evolution produced by Continuus Properzi are: High efficiency narrow gap cooling system, high efficiency transmission system utilizing a combination of gear box, belts and pulleys minimizing very low energy losses and minimum maintenance required.
The drawing machines furnished by Properzi are tailored on customer's specific needs and preferences, Continuus-Properzi is happy to share the evolution of its technology with its appreciated customers contributing to their business success.