YUNNAN ALUMINIUM CO.,LTD. is a company located in Yunnan Province. The company is principally engaged in the smelting of aluminum, as well as the manufacture and distribution of aluminum products. 

The Company's major products distributed in domestic and overseas markets are: aluminum ingots, including aluminum ingots for remelting, aluminum alloy ingots, pre-baked anode carbon block and aluminum rods for electrical purpose, among others. 



One of the smelters of the group is Yunnan Aluminium Zexin Co. Ltd located at Fuyuan, Qujng in China. With this appreciated company Continuus-Properzi has signed an important contract for a complete Ingot Casting Line – Track & Belt type deigned for the production of aluminium ingots.

The line is designed for Yunnan producing at 2,000 ingots per hour of pure aluminium ingots, and a maximum production rate of 1,700 ingots per operating hour when producing secondary ingots. The nominal weight of each ingot will be 10 kg, weight maintained totally constant for each ingot produced.

Other main characteristic of Properzi ingots (different from conventional one) are: repeatable dimensions and weight. 

The easy handy of Properzi ingots is one of the individualities which make us proud of our technical efforts since directly dedicated to get better working conditions for the human beings.