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 continuous casting technology | rautomead
Continuous Casting Technology. Rautomead has been providing expertise in continuous casting since 1978. We provide equipment and custom built continuous casting ...

 continuous casting technology for long products - sms concast
Innovative Technology. SMS Concast has been instrumental in developing continuous casting technologies and enjoys the leading technology and market position in this ...

 continuous casting machines and plant from conticast
Continuous Casting Machines from CONTICAST Ltd. Recently Acquired by Hormesa. Conticast® are EU manufacturers of Continuous Casting machines for producing rods, bars ...

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 grafstar advanced graphite solutions from graftech
Grafstar advanced graphite is ideal for customers with applications requiring high strength, low thermal expansion, and conductivity. (216) 676-2000

 steelmaking: continuous casting - youtube
Continuous Casting: training video from the Corus BCSA training pack

 refractory lining of a continuous casting tundish ...
Refractory Lining of a Continuous Casting Tundish. In the continuous casting (CC) of steels, tundish is a buffer refractory lined vessel which is located between the ...

 change and development of continuous casting technology
新 日 鉄 技 報 第 394 号 (2012) -12- 〔新 日 鉄 技 報 第 394 号〕 (2012)連続鋳造技術の進展と今後の展望

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