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 continuus properzi spa
Microrolling® Mill Process Continuus-Properzi Microrolling® Mills are used to roll rod from 12 mm down to 1.8 mm, for the following materials: High Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Tool Steel, CO₂ Wire, Flux Cored Wire, Cu, Cu alloys, Al alloys and many more

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1963 - Properzi extended the method to the production of the copper rod. The first machine produced copper rod at rate of 10 T/h. 1979 – The Microrolling® mill was designed for a variety of rolling applications in both the ferrous and nonferrous sectors, and for cold rolling and hot rolling operations.

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thai-yazaki electric wire co. - Continuus-Properzi produces CRS Narrow & Wide Strip lines for Pb from 2 tph to 10 tph and above Continuous Casting Rod Zinc Line (CCR Zn Line) the properzi range of production for lead batteries

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 properzi sales a track & belt in china
Continuus Properzi spa One of the smelters of the group is Yunnan Aluminium Zexin Co. Ltd located at Fuyuan, Qujng in China. With this appreciated company Continuus-Properzi has signed an important contract for a complete Ingot Casting Line – Track & Belt type deigned for the production of aluminium ingots.

 properzi sells a 3rd continuous casting & rolling ...
PROPERZI SELLS A 3rd CONTINUOUS CASTING & ROLLING ALUMINIUM LINE TO ALUBAR The ALUBAR GROUP is the largest manufacturer of aluminum electrical cables in Latin America; they are located precisely in the municipality of Barcarena, state of Pará – Brasil.

 properzi sells a complete new furnace set, degassing ...
The new supply includes a complete Properzi Line starting from the Properzi Vert-Melt Furnace (for more details click read more and righ after, click at the top of the page ), two holding furnaces, a degassing and filtering unit, and the Aluminium Continuous Casting & Rolling line designed to produce up to 25,000 tpy of high-strength aluminium ...

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