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 vertical furnaces | tav vacuum furnaces
Why choose a vertical vacuum furnace When the parts to be subjected to thermal treatment have structures which develop in height, vertical furnaces provide a precise and accurate answer, ensuring homogenous temperature distribution even for complex geometries and very high load densities.

 vertical vacuum furnaces - cieffe
The vertical vacuum furnaces allow different applications such as: hardening and tempering, solubilization and annealing, sintering, ...

 imae aluminium holding furnace (vertical immersion heater ...
IMAE Aluminium Holding Furnace (Vertical Immersion heater tubes) UNDER HEATED Holding Furnaces are chamber - holding furnaces, complete with electric immersion type heaters, for the application of holding and ladle dosing molten aluminium designed for the installation at the die - casting cell.

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 the supply of vertical continuous aluminium melting furnace
Vertical continuous aluminium smelting furnace is a new energy efficient aluminum melting furnace according to the continuous casting and rolling of aluminum and other continuous melting process characteristics and development, it can well meet the needs of the continuous casting and rolling, aluminum die-casting, gravity casting smelting ...

 vaccum furnaces for brazing aluminium - hts vacuum furnaces
FURNACES FOR BRAZING ALUMINIUM – HIGH PERFORMANCES AT LOW TEMPERATURES Our vaccum furnaces for brazing aluminium. The vacuum braze welding process of aluminium is simple if some fundamental aspects of the process are known such as the choice of suitable materials, a correct procedure and the features of the furnace.

 vertical annealing furnaces - bright annealing furnaces ...
vertical annealing furnaces. we manufacture and supply all types of industrial vertical annealing heat treatment furnaces,continuous heat treatment furnaces,conveyorize heat treatment plant,hi temperature furnaces,testing furnaces,heat treatment furnaces for forging industries,soldering furnaces,annealing furnaces,rotary furnaces,hardening ...

 aluminum industry furnaces – bricmont aluminum - andritz
Aluminum industry furnaces – Bricmont Aluminum ANDRITZ METALS Inc. has a long history as a leading global supplier of tunnel furnace, aluminum melting and holding furnace, DRI, rotary furnace, and continuous strip technology.

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